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Simmons Binoculars Are a Great Choice for Hunting Binoculars, Spotting Scopes and Birding Binoculars

Simmons binoculars are extremely popular among hunters. Featuring rugged high quality designs and waterproof models they’re built to withstand the most adverse weather conditions while performing flawlessly. But you don’t need to hunt to be able to take advantage of it – Simmons offers a wide variety of binocular models from spotting scopes to night vision optics and digital camera binoculars that I'm sure will allow you to find the best set of binoculars for your needs.Binoculars,Simmons Binoculars,Mountain over looking Vally.

Simmons Are High Quality Viewing Optics With a Range of Different Activity Applications

Simmons, which is part of Meade Company – which you should recognize as a world leader in Telescopes area – is known to use high quality optic in all their products. Whether you choose a economic Master Series or go for a rugged, nitrogen filled, waterproof Wilderness model, you can rest assured you’ll be enjoying Simmons binoculars excellent optical expertise every time you look through the eye piece - just ask anyone with a Prosport binocular. Simmons ProSport Porro Prism Binocular, Realtree AP Camo.

Simmons Binoculars Have Developed Five Ranges for Their Binoculars:

  • The Master series: this series is a great choice for outdoor sports and activities.
  • The Aetec series: this is a great series for countryside and deep woods viewing.
  • The Wilderness series: this Simmons serious works well with many different weather types.
  • The High Sierra series: great for boating or just watching a sporting event.
  • The ProSport series: this is a Simmons binocular entry-level.

Most of the Simmons binocular models are made with the BAK4 prism, although you will find that the High Sierra and The ProSport models are manufactured with the BK7 prism.

Simmons Optics Are More Than Just Binoculars and Provide You with a Wide Range of Choices

You will find that Simmons does not stop with just binoculars. They also offer sporting optics that range from product lines of, spotting scopes, rangefinders, rifle scopes and you will find a great line and variety of different accessories that are matched up with those products. One special product, they do offer for all those camera buffs that like to save their images that they are viewing is the CaptureView pair of binoculars. This is Simmons digital camera binoculars contribution as these binoculars have a built-in camera so that you will be able to record anything that you are viewing.Binoculars,Simmons Binoculars,View in Vally to Mountains.

Magnification of Simmons binoculars:

Simmons optics are manufactured with several different fixed magnifications along with a few variable range binoculars. The fixed magnification models have a range of 7x, 8 x, or 12x. You will find that there are several models that will offer you the low-end and high-end of the magnifications. The High Sierra series offers the 7x50 model and The Wilderness series supplies you with the 12x50 model. You will find that depending on the series that you look at (check in the above bullet points for the Simmons series that suits you) the magnifications will be appropriate for the application that you're looking for. Simmons ProSport 10x 50mm Roof-Prism Waterproof/Fogproof Binoculars (Black).

Advance Your Viewing Field and Open a New World with the Right Optics

Binoculars are more useful than most people think. While you may believe you have no use for it because you don’t go hunting, you can still benefit from it in a lot of different situations: sports, arts, plays, and concerts. Just think of all the times you squinted to try and focus on a distant subject over the past few weeks – that’s exactly how many times you could have had a much better view using a Simmons binocular.

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