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Tasco Binoculars | Well Priced Binoculars for Night Vision, Birding, Hunting and Sporting Events

You won’t find the quality prisms of your Tasco binoculars in other manufacturers. The Bak-4 roof prism is considered to be one of the best optical elements ever made. And it can be yours, if you opt for a top of the line Tasco binoculars model. It provides such bright, three dimensional, distortion-free images than you won’t believe your eyes. The only downside is… this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap.Binoculars,Tasco Binoculars,River with Water running thought.

 Tasco Binoculars Will Give You the Amazing Optic Performance You're Looking for

But there’s no need to worry: if you don’t require such amazing optic performance or have a tighter budget (or both), there are still a lot of different Tasco binocular models to choose from whether it's spotting scopes, night vision binoculars, birding or hunting binoculars. Even their lower cost Essential series provides more than adequate performance for a general all-purpose use. However, even if just for once, I urge you to try their 10x42 World Class Series binoculars – it really must be seen to be believed. Though I warn you, you might not want to leave the store without one!

Tasco binoculars features that is available: Tasco Essentials 10x50 WA, Zip Focus Binocular:Fully multicoated lenses optimize clarity and brightness.

  • BaK-4 prisms that will create a very clear image with a crisp view in low lighting.
  • Waterproof protection in both salt& freshwater.
  • A sturdy grip because of the high construction rubber casing.
  • Illuminated compass that is built-in, will give directional help in any lighting.
  • Calculating object distance is easy with the built-in rangefinder.

Binocular Prism Designs Will Depend on the Model

There Are Two Major Types of Internal Designs for Binoculars:

  • Porro Prisms: this is a process that is encompassed with two prisms which lengthened the light path. This particular process will give you an exceptional binoculars you at an affordable price.
  • Roof prisms: this will give you more compact design because of the roof shape prisms that are built inside of the binoculars they move the light along the light path. This design is usually a higher price.

Overall, both prism designs are good,high-quality binoculars and can give you the same quality of vision that you will be looking for.

Tasco Binoculars Magnification Comes in a Variety of Different Levels

Tasco binoculars have a range of magnification that you can choose from depending on the models that you're looking at.Binoculars,Tasco Binoculars,Water Fall. The optics range from 7x to30x. You'll find this includes both variable and fixed magnification. Magnifications that you will find that are fixed are 7x, 8x, 10x, 12x, and16x. The offshore series, which is used for boating has only the 7x models. The best way of choosing the right binoculars. First, decide on what you are going to use them for, the weight that you need and the size you can handle. Then you can decide on which model and magnification.

Tasco manufacturers a multiple series of different binoculars that are available to suit just about everybody's variety of uses: Tasco Sierra 12 x 50 Roof Prism Binocular:Sealed in a tough waterproof housing.

  • The Sierra series: this series is available in both compact and full-size models, all waterproof with rugged construction for durability.
  • The Essentials series: this is a very affordable, tough and weather resistant model for a variety of uses, but is a great binocular for wildlife watching, bird watching.
  • The Offshore series: these are a great first choice for boating, they are waterproof, and have technologically advanced lens coatings that will reduce glare off water.

With such a strong reputation in the optic industry, Tasco would never fail to deliver the best world-class binoculars at any particular price. With models suitable for beginners as well as the most demanding wildlife observer, your Tasco binoculars will be there for you whenever you need them.

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